“In a form of bodywork known as reflexology, the feet are said to contain reflex areas that mirror and connect to all parts of the body. Pressure on these points can actually influence your state of health. The roots of reflexology draw, in part from the ancient healing art of foot massage practiced all over the world. Using the thumb, finger and hand, gentle pressure is applied to reflex areas of the feet in order to decrease the stress and bring the body into balance. The hands and ears also have reflex points, but it is said that the feet have a greater quantity of nerve endings and are the best approach. Although simplistic in application, the effects of the treatment can be profound. Through activation of nerve receptors in the hands and feet, new messages flood into the body’s system, changes its tempo and tone. In essence, the foot or hand becomes a conduit for sharing information throughout the body. Function in the connecting area is improved and at the same time the experience of overall relaxation and benefits to the circulation and elimination systems are at optimal function, self-healing is enhanced. In this sense, reflexology is not a medical treatment for specific symptoms or diseases, but rather a way to facilitate the body’s inherent healing power. How and why reflexology works the way it does is still up for debate. Some say it involves communication through the nervous system- other theories point to opening blockage of “chi” or vital energy in the body. Scientific studies have documented its benefits for a variety of ailments. Some of the positive findings include reduction of pain, improvement in circulation are release of tension.”

– The feet have it, Body Sense Magazine -Autumn/Winter 2008


While relaxing fully clothed, in a reclining reflexology chair, let the therapist work your feet and hands to release the tension and aid in your own body’s natural healing powers by incorporating the use of reflexology and massage. Feel the warmth of the stones (optional) as they melt the tension away from your forearms and calves. End with a peppermint and rose oil on your feet leaving you relaxed and revived.