La Stone (Hot and Cold Stone)

“In between boiling and freezing, there is a full range of temperatures, most of which could be deemed cold, cool, hot or warm. Because of the varying degrees between hot and cold, when applied properly they can elicit beneficial responses from the body. From relaxing and unwinding an area of chronic pain via heat, to soothing swelling and quelling an acute ache with cold temperature techniques. The methods of delivering these degrees are diverse, but the desired out comes are typically the same – decrease pain and increase relaxation.” (Massage Magazine 2010 by Brandi Schlossberg)

Stone Therapy is more than just another relaxing experience as it provides a number of therapeutic benefits. When using a warm to hotĀ application with the stones:

  • Increases the blood circulation
  • Increase of the body’s metabolism
  • Decrease of tension
  • Decrease of tissue stiffness
  • Aids in breaking the pain-spasm cycle

When applying cool / cold stones in a therapy session:

  • Increase of muscle tone
  • Increase of the body’s stimulation
  • Decrease of pain and inflammation or swelling

Smooth, velvety stones are heated in water, oiled and then applied on sore muscles. Cooled, white marble, stones work with inflamed skin and are refreshing. The use of alternating hot and cold stones encourages blood flow through the muscle tissue which, in thru, flushes toxins and triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms. This massage brings you to a deeper state of relaxation without the feeling of having deep tissue work. Clients report feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after their treatment.