Paraffin Therapy

  • Full Back Treatment – $16
  • Hand or Feet Treatment – $14
  • Hand AND Feet Treatment – $24
  • Spot Paraffin Therapy – $10

Process & Benefits of Warm Therapy Paraffin Treatments Paraffin wax has a very high heat capacity, meaning it is able to absorb and retain a great amount of heat. In a simple process called heat transfer, as it melts the paraffin becomes a liquid and is able to retain more heat. The heat that goes into melting the paraffin comes out when it solidifies into a comforting paraffin coating. When it is applied to an area of the body, i.e. hands, feet, back or spot paraffin therapy treatment area it quickly changes into a solid. The heat that is given off is called the “heat of fusion.” After paraffin is applied, the warmth from the paraffin increases the blood supply to the area being treated drawing moisture from the underlying layer of the skin. The moisture surfaces and mixes with the applied moisturizer and the fluids are unable to evaporate because of the paraffin. It is then infused back into the skin resulting in well-hydrated and nourished skin, allowing the deep-penetrating heat to soothe achy muscles and joint. Learn more about Paraffin Treatments here

Body Scrub Treatments

  • Full Back – $12
  • Hands or Feet – $10

Body Scrub Treatments exfoliate the top layer of skin. As the skin produces cells that continually renew themselves, exfoliation helps remove the dead surface cells. Body scrubs gently buff away impurities and dead surface cells. Abrasive tiny particles types of ingredients used as salt, sugar, rice, etc. Warm towel applied to the area to be work, followed by a scrub of your choice. As the scrub is gently massaged on the area i.e. back, hands or feet, a warm towel gently removes any excess scrub. Combined with a pampering massage and the healing powers of herbs and minerals, leaving you with exfoliated smooth silky skin.