Services & Rates

Whether looking for a relaxing massage, or recovery from an old/new injury, allow Caring Hands Massage Therapy,llc  to treat you.

Simply choose the duration of your session:

30 minutes      $45.00

45 minutes      $60.00

60 minutes      $75.00

90 minutes      $100.00

After a brief conversation, addressing your specific needs, together we will work to compose a treatment plan. Whether we utilize just one modality, or a blend of modalities, there are no hidden fees (the only additional fee is for Paraffin Therapy).

Our intention is to resolve the pain or problem in as few sessions as possible. Many of our clients commonly experience significant improvements after their very first session. As with any therapy, however, it is important to have realistic expectations. Depending on the severity and complexity of the condition, more sessions may be needed.

We are proud to offer: