Understanding Neck Pain

neck painUpper back and neck pain are the most frequent complaint, the pain my be a result from a variety of factors. Ranging from acute or chronic. Cervical injuries are listed second to the lumbar (lower back region.)  In fact, it is rare to not find anyone who has not suffered from neck or upper-back pain at some point in their life.

The cervical area can become injured and painful without suffering a trauma. From tears, over-strength ligaments and stress. As your body tries to repair the area by causing an involuntary muscle spasm, which will cause the area to limit your range of motion. Thus causing the stiff neck and upper shoulder movement. Slowly the surrendering area is affected by the pull of the ligament causing headaches and weakens in the upper-body area.

By working the area and gently peeling away the superficial to deep layers of muscles, this allows better movement to the neck region and releases the trigger points in the neck and shoulders. Allow Caring Hands Massage to release the tension that has been building up or from an old injured.

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